The biggest mistake Disc Golf beginners make

When you’re first starting out playing Disc Golf, it’s very easy to get excited about all the different types of discs that are available to buy. There is a plethora of choices for putters, midranges, fairway drivers, and high-speed drivers. It can feel overwhelming and exciting simultaneously. So, what discs should you buy as a beginner?

The best discs to throw as a beginner:

I will make this very easy for you. As a beginner, the very best thing you can do to develop great form is to throw only putters and understable midranges. I know, I know, it’s tempting to throw the high-speed drivers to show off to your friends, but that is the biggest mistake you can make when you’re new to the game.


Have you ever noticed that your putters and midranges go farther than your high-speed drivers? That’s because putters and mids have more glide, like a frisbee, so they naturally have straighter flight paths than drivers do. Putters and mids are crucial to building up your form. They are very versatile and can go left, straight, and right, whereas high-speed drivers can only go left as a beginner.

The reason being is that high-speed drivers require higher arm speed in order to generate the power and spin to go far. Beginners simply do not have the proper form to throw a distance driver correctly. Simply put, putters and mids expose your lack of form since they are more sensitive to angle control. Higher speed discs want to dump left immediately, which makes it very easy to hide flaws in your form.

Your game will be very, very limited if all you do is throw a driver that dumps left. You are merely relying on that fade for every single drive off the tee pad, and that is not how you become a good versatile player. It’s important to learn these different flight paths so you don’t have to depend on the predictability of a high-speed driver every single time.

You will notice that when first starting out, putters and mids will end left. As you progress your form, you will be able to throw them straighter and farther. That is a clear indication that your form is progressing.

Once you are able to throw putters and mids straight or turn slightly right effortlessly, you are ready to throw fairway drivers. Now, that doesn’t mean to toss the putters and mids out! They are extremely crucial to your game no matter what level you are at!

Get familiar with putters and mids:

Practicing on an open field will help you to become really familiar with your discs. Understable midranges and putters are lower speed discs and have more glide. They make it easier to achieve a flatter, straighter release out of the hand versus drivers. Slower speed discs teach you angle control and will also indicate when you are pulling the disc over.

It’s very common for beginners to throw discs nose up, causing the disc to go way high. Putters and mids will teach you how to throw flat and smooth. Just remember to keep the front of the disc angled down on your throw so you can achieve a flatter line.

I recommend throwing a Discmania Origin or Innova Mako 3 for your midrange and an Innova Aviar putter. Really, any putters will work as long as they aren’t very overstable. These discs will help you to become familiar with different flight paths versus only knowing one with a high-speed driver. Learning how to throw in the wind with understable putters and mids will dramatically help you learn different nose angles to keep the disc flat.

Stay consistent

It took me years, and I mean YEARS to realize the importance of learning how to throw understable discs. For the longest time, even as a beginner, I really only threw overstable drivers. I so heavily relied on high-speed drivers because I knew they would dump left every time. It was predictable.

That became very limiting to me because I didn’t know how to throw straight or right. And well, simply put, that is just not how you become an elite disc golfer.

You become good by learning how to make the disc do the work for you. Not you having to do all the work.

Developing proper form takes a lot of time, dedication, and practice. If you’re a fresh newbie to the game and your bag is full of distance drivers, I highly advise you to switch them out for putters and mids! Disc Golf won’t nearly feel as frustrating if you dial in on your putter and mids, and you will gain confidence as you hone in on these skills! I promise that you will find much more success in building up your form if you stick with only putters and mids. They are much more forgiving than drivers, which will help you save strokes on the course and put a smile on your face.

With that being said, newbies, will you switch out your drivers for only putters and mids?