One easy solution to save strokes on the Disc Golf course

Saving strokes. That is something we all want to achieve as we become a better disc golfer. Sometimes it’s obvious as to what we’re doing wrong. Other times not so much.

The best way to improve your score

One sure-fire way to saving strokes is by limiting the amount of discs in your bag. This is especially harder for beginners because they’re under the impression they need every disc in their arsenal.

I remember the days my bag used to be loaded with discs! I never knew which disc to throw since there were WAY too many to pick from. You could say those days are long gone!

Why you should limit your disc golf bag?

How many times have you shown up to the Disc Golf course with a bag full of discs yet you only throw a couple of them? This was the story of my life!

When you have too many discs, it feels like a full-time job just trying to learn them all. This makes it harder to WANT to learn how they all fly.

This usually results in feeling overwhelmed and not understanding how they all fly, which results in carrying all these extra discs you don’t even use.

What I suggest doing

Throw only discs that work for your skill level. This, in itself, will save strokes on the course. Beginners should only throw putters and midranges since they haven’t yet developed the hip speed and rotation for overstable drivers.

Once you have your bag filled with your most prized possessions, I want you to learn how each of those discs fly on different angles. Especially in the wind.

By learning just a couple of your discs, it takes the burden away from feeling like you need so many discs.

Get very familiar with how they fly on a hyzer, straight, and anhyzer line. This makes it easier to score under par because you know exactly how your discs fly on any given angle.

Now instead of having multiple discs that you aren’t very familiar with, you have just a couple of discs you can really depend on!


Becoming tight-knit with fewer discs is a very powerful tool to save yourself from unwanted strokes. You’re able to really understand how each of your discs fly simply because you throw them so often.

Plus, you save more energy for the round since you’re not lugging around a bunch of discs. It’s a win-win!

I challenge you to minimize your disc golf bag so you can hone in your craft.

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