My training yesterday with @karaleediscgolf was outstanding!! I learned so much in the time we had and it was so much fun! We worked on a few things to help my throws especially around distance. The best part is that she didn’t try to make big changes. she wanted to find what works for how I throw naturally and make a few little changes there. I would highly recommend her to beginners and those who have been throwing for a while and just want to make some changes to see a difference in their game. Even though she’s near Charlotte, NC it is worth your travel time to get a session with her. I can’t wait to have out next session in a few months!

-Aubrey T

Charlotte, NC

Thanks Kara Lee for the wonderful tips. I definitely see some improvements in my distance today! I really appreciate the reminder to not comparing ourselves to others. That takes a lot of pressure off! & It was wonderful to meet awesome new people – such a great group!

-Brenda T

Vancouver, CA

It was so lovely meeting you! Thanks again for a great clinic. I learned so much and already felt my form improving!

-Deanna R

Calgary, CA

Part of me feels like I should leave you another review! My goal was just to make it through 2 full rounds and I ended up second in the FA4! Thanks again for the lesson. My stand still is now way further than my run up!!

-Jennifer B

Vancouver, CA

The maior differences I have seen in regards to the last throw are following through with my left leg, not exaggerating my pull back and reverting back to my tennis background habits, keeping my arm straight throughout the throw, and not chopping my release point at the ground.

Over the past two weeks additionally I have gotten better at keeping my arm straighter and not chopping. I’m still having some growing pains with following through and not stopping my full range of motion along with kicking the over exaggerated old tennis habits ‘ but overall seeing improvements!!

-Ashley M

Charlotte, NC

Kara was great. I did an hour backhand lesson and I learned a great deal and now have a lot more accuracy on my throw. I had previous lessons with other people and didn’t learn very much. She records slow motion video of your throw which helps a great deal. I would highly recommend to anyone, and I will be signing up for more lessons in the future. Kara is very talented and has a great deal of knowledge to share.

-Deborah C

Vancouver, CA

Watching you putt has really helped my putts. Just wanted to thank you for helping me!

-Ruby D

Atlantic City, NJ

My form is already getting so much better. I am throwing much further and am getting more consistent with each throw. Your tips were so helpful!

-Cayla M

Calgary, CA

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